Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sanjaya Malakar, another Delon's Syndrome(?)

on the first Indonesian Idol, there's this contestant Delon. He can sing, but unfortunately some of the audience thought he still survive of the elimination because he is a hunk, not because his voice.
and as the prove, Delon always receive bad critics from Indra Lesmana, one of the jury that has massively known for his contribution in Indonesian music. And it seem Delon only good in one type of song. Which I thought is enough to be a singer, a professional singer that know his style.

most of this anti-delon was glad when Delon only reach 2nd position of the final. Although later, the 1st winner, Joy Tobing, is out of the system, because she refused to sign a long-time contract with Indonesian Idol management.
and due to this problem, Delon is the only choice to be promoted. and nobody care anymore - i think.

and now, we have this Sanjaya thing! several people think that he is not good enough as a singer. he's still 'alive' from elimination just because of his cute-look. so, several extreme non-sanjaya-voter taken action.
and they are : ifsanjayawins (via : thomas-sambl). on that website, people contribute their hate opinion regarding 'if sanjaya wins the american idol'.
and there's this guy who swear not to eat until Sanjaya eliminated : starvationforsanjaya (via : kolom-kita).

but there's some thing fishy that i smell about this rejection. i think this is some kind of racist.
because Sanjaya, not Caucasian nor Afro-American. he is an Indian-born. so I believe, he's not accepted because this racist things.
if Sanjaya is 'american' I believe the syndrome will only be same as Delon's syndrome.
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