Thursday, April 26, 2007

ke-powerfull-an apa ketololan sebuah grup media?

tadi malem lagi ceklak ceklek remote tivi, ceklekan gue berenti di globalTV. lagi nyiarin pertandingan ECL manchester united 3 - 2 ac milan

siaran tersebut aslinya disiarin pada dinihari di rcti. siaran pertandingan tersebut gagal ditanyagin on time dengan alasan permasalahan cuaca. sehingga siaran tidak bisa diterima dari satelit.
selama belom berhasil ditayangkan, rcti menayangkan iklan, iklan, dan iklan, lalu kembali menyiarkan obrolan gak jelas komentator dan pembawa acara ricky jo. yang ujung ujungnya nyiarin pertandingan manchester united 7 - 1 as roma. dimana gue sempet kecele, gue sangka pertandingan manchester united - ac milan yang telat ditayangin. soalnya sama sekali gak ada info apapun di tivi. ketika melihat totti baru tersadarlah gue ..

jelas jelas ini ngeselin banget. udah bangun tengah dinihari, eh ternyata gagal nonton live nya, apalagi pake dapet sms bahwa skor sudah 1 - 1.

ok.. ok.. udah gratisan pake ngomel lagi.. ok...lupain,

ketika berhasil mendapatkan gambar live nya, babak pertama sudah menujukkan menit 40-an. dan berhasil ditayangkan sampe selesai.

nah ketika tadi malem ngeliat globaltv.
"weh disiarin re-runnya di sini..," pikir gue dengan senang.
tapi harapan gue yang tadi bagus, tiba tiba langsung down, karena yang disiarin tetebh: iklan, obrolan komentator dan pertandingannya tetep disiarin menit 40-an

buwh. apa gunanya!
gue kirain bakal nayangin dari menit ke 1.

entahlah, ketololan globaltv sehingga mau nayangin ulang siaran tersebut, apa karena mereka harus tunduk kemauan mnc groupnya.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

why i don't trust technorati

Technorati sometimes failed to reflect the real things that happened on the blogosphere.

see the image in full size. in the right side of the technorati chart, it displayed only 1 post regarding ngadutrafik 2007,
but if you see the list of the posts, you'll see more than 1 post that post the subject.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sanjaya Malakar, another Delon's Syndrome(?)

on the first Indonesian Idol, there's this contestant Delon. He can sing, but unfortunately some of the audience thought he still survive of the elimination because he is a hunk, not because his voice.
and as the prove, Delon always receive bad critics from Indra Lesmana, one of the jury that has massively known for his contribution in Indonesian music. And it seem Delon only good in one type of song. Which I thought is enough to be a singer, a professional singer that know his style.

most of this anti-delon was glad when Delon only reach 2nd position of the final. Although later, the 1st winner, Joy Tobing, is out of the system, because she refused to sign a long-time contract with Indonesian Idol management.
and due to this problem, Delon is the only choice to be promoted. and nobody care anymore - i think.

and now, we have this Sanjaya thing! several people think that he is not good enough as a singer. he's still 'alive' from elimination just because of his cute-look. so, several extreme non-sanjaya-voter taken action.
and they are : ifsanjayawins (via : thomas-sambl). on that website, people contribute their hate opinion regarding 'if sanjaya wins the american idol'.
and there's this guy who swear not to eat until Sanjaya eliminated : starvationforsanjaya (via : kolom-kita).

but there's some thing fishy that i smell about this rejection. i think this is some kind of racist.
because Sanjaya, not Caucasian nor Afro-American. he is an Indian-born. so I believe, he's not accepted because this racist things.
if Sanjaya is 'american' I believe the syndrome will only be same as Delon's syndrome.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Minimum info on Champions League

Champions League 2007 that aired in RCTI is very lack of important status display. Such : how is the score?, how many minutes left?. Who score?
It only display player name and how far he is been running on the field.
stupid statistic display!

And because only minimum info that display on the match. RCTI easily manipulate (edit) the delay show.
Even RCTI wasn't sayin that they airing a delay show.
It just said 'live' on their bumper advertising.